Georgia top Alabama in rematch

Stetson Bennett

The rematch that we all knew was coming after Alabama thrashed the Bulldogs in the SEC championship game turned out to be one to remember for the defenses. The question coming into the game were all towards Georgia. We all wanted to see if Georgia’s defense could contain Bryce Young and would Stetson Bennett be able to lead Georgia to their first National Championship since 1980.

We got our answer.

The first drive of the game for Alabama looked like the SEC championship game were Bryce was able to cut through the Georgia defense like butter. 14 play 56 yard drive that ended in a field goal. A theme in the first half for both teams. Unfortunately for Alabama their star receiver Jameson Williams went down with a knee injury that took him out of the game.

Stetson’s first drive looked like the moment was too big for him. Yes, he didn’t throw an interception but he almost fumbled on a QB run. If it wasn’t for Georgia’s bend but don’t break defense in the first half we could’ve been looking at another blow out.

The stars of the first half were Alabama’s kicker Will Reichard and Georgia’s kicker Jack Podlesny. The running game for both teams were slowed in the first two quarters.

Second Half

To start the second half, Georgia started to get some movement on the ground with running backs James Cook and Jamir White. That drive ended with a punt but it was just the beginning for Georgia. Stetson Bennett started to settle in as the game went on; taking daring shots and distributing the ball efficiently. Furthermore, Alabama started to feel the losses of key members from the SEC championship game.

Although Alabama had Bryce Young, Georgia had a fully loaded defense. Some consider this Georgia defense to be Kirby’s best since he became the head coach. Georgia forced Bryce Young to throw 2 interception and blocked field goal. The key to winning any game is to win the turnover battle.

Georgia took advantage of the Alabama injuries and started to muscle their way through Alabama. Seemingly, every Alabama star that has been influential this season went down either before or during the game. The Georgia defense kept everything in front of them. Once Jameson went down, the deep threat for Alabama went away too.

With that being said, Stetson Bennett became a totally different quarterback coming out of half. Stetson came out with confidence and went to work. 17 of 26 for 224 yards and 2 touchdowns on the Alabama defense. It goes without saying, Stetson Bennett walked-on to Georgia Bulldogs worked his ass off to become the starting quarterback.

Again, the questions coming into the game were if Georgia’s defense could contain Bryce Young and they did that. Once more, could Stetson Bennett lead the Bulldogs to their first National Championship since 1980 and they did that. Kirby Smart wanted to bring a championship to Georgia and he did it.

Alabama’s Bryce Young ended the game 34/56 for 352 yards and 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. One thing we can admit is that Alabama will be back next year because so many players gain valuable experience.

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