Matthew Stafford legacy is on the line

The 2022 NFL playoff includes one of the best statistical quarterbacks of our generation. Matthew Stafford has been stuck in Detroit for 11 of his 12 years in the league. The 2009 first round pick out of Georgia was expected to turn one of the oldest franchises in the league into a winner. Matthew has had the fortunate opportunity to throw the ball to Calvin Johnson; one of the greatest wideouts of all time. Unfortunately, Matthew still was not able to get the Lions in the playoffs regularly.

Furthermore, Stafford’s career record in the playoffs is 0-3. Contrary to what some sports fans might say, the regular season means nothing without proof in the playoffs. This is the same reason why Dan Marino isn’t considered the greatest of all time. He does not have the rings needed to get that stamp. As much as we like Stafford’s numbers in the regular season, it is what you do in the playoffs that gets a QB in the Hall of Fame.

Additionally, Matthew Stafford has a loaded team this year. The Rams traded QB Jared Goff before the year began for the veteran. We will find out if this was a mistake or a good move. Unlike Stafford, Goff has led his team to a super bowl appearance.

Cardinals vs Rams

This is a trap game for the Rams. This is a game that the Rams could lose because of quarterback play. Stafford has thrown 17 interceptions on the year. The Rams have leveraged the house to acquire this amount of talent. A loss today would be as bad or maybe worse than the Cowboys playoff loss yesterday.

Again, the Rams performed two blockbuster trades. One was to get Stafford and another big trade to get the All-pro Von Miller from the Broncos. The Rams added another piece, wide receiver Odell Beckham less than a day after being released from the Browns mid-season.

The Rams are built to win a super bowl this year. Head coach Sean McVay knows his team is built to win. The Cardinals and Rams split regular season wins and ended the regular season with a loss.

The Cardinals get J.J. Watt back as well as DeAndre Hopkins back for this Monday night game. I believe this game will be much closer than expected.

All eyes will be on Stafford.

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