What’s next for the Cowboys?

It feels like I’m watching a rerun of the Cowboys every single year. The Cowboys are one of the only teams in the NFL that has a super bowl like roster. The owner/ general manager have done an unbelievable job at keeping high quality talent on the roster. The short comings for the Cowboys are the coaches. In the biggest moments, the coaches have dropped the ball.

In this recent 49ers loss, the one glaring issue was the offensive play calling. Kellen Moore is considered one of the best young offensive minds in football, but his play calling was terrible in that game. 3rd and 2 is easier to get than 3rd and 11. Going into the offseason the Cowboys really need to figure out how play smart football instead of flashy football.

Dak Prescott is a good quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but can you really know if Dak has that killer mentality like a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers when the game is on the line? Dak got paid like one, but is he really that guy? These are the questions that the Cowboys need to answer.

That last sequence of events for the Dak was terrible. He showed no awareness in clock management. Again, this failure is spread to the coaching staff as well. They should have at least given him instruction to go out of bounce to save the clock. Poor performance all around.

As for Kellen Moore, I would hope he gets another job elsewhere. I’m not saying Moore isn’t a good coach, but I am questioning how much better could he be learning from the Cowboys organization. I know the Cowboys are loyal to a fault to their staff, but you might want to get a different OC.

Kellen Moore might have hurt his head coaching opportunities because of how bad the offensive play calling was in the playoffs. The common thread about the Cowboys is that they wake up too late in games. The year before Dak Prescott was injured, The Cowboys played many game where they put up great yard, but it came late in games.

This is why it is hard to believe in the Cowboys. The Cowboys are who we thought they were. The franchise that can’t get it done.

Honestly, the Cowboys have the roster, the changes that need to be made is with the coaching staff. Find a better coach and you will get further in the playoffs.

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