Top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL

The season has just ended with a remarkable finish in the Super Bowl by both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. We saw two fantastic teams led by two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. But are these two top 5.

5. Justin Herbert

Herbert threw for more yards than in rookie quarterback in the history of the NFL. The second year quarterback out of Oregon has picked up where Phillip Rivers left off. The young gunner has not been to the playoffs yet, but he has the ability to lead this team to uncharted waters for that Chargers franchise. It is only a matter of time before we get to see him ball out in the playoffs.

Herbert has a stacked team, but I do believe he could be hindered by his head coach. Brandon Staley is heading into his second year as the head coach and has made some questionable decisions down the stretch of last season. The expectations going into next season is to get make it into the playoffs regardless of injuries to some key players. I feel like the Chargers have been on the doorstep of being great for almost 2 decades now, and for some odd reason they are too scared to step up into the building. The door for them has been open.

4. Joe Burrow

As great of a run Burrow displayed this season and in the playoffs, I have second year player out of LSU number 5 on my list. Joe showed us why he was the top pick in the 2020 NFL draft. His first year in the NFL ended with him injured with a serious leg injury, but this year he was able to lead an organization that had well over a 2 decade drought from the Super Bowl.

Joe’s stats are stunning as well. 4,611 yards through the air, 34 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. Some say he should have won the MVP award this year, but that went to Aaron Rodgers. Joe has the skill, the mindset, the ability to make those around him better, and the natural talent to remain cool under pressure. He had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL and still got to the Super Bowl.

3. Aaron Rodgers

For an NFL MVP quarterback with Aaron Rodgers ability you might think he should at least be in the top-2, but what I saw from Rodgers this season and playoffs was the same exact thing I see from him every year. Rodgers dazzles us with his crazy talent during the season, but when it is time to make it count in the playoffs, he has failed to deliver. Unlike Tom Brady, who was the AFC gatekeeper to the Super Bowl that protected the gate with pride, Rodgers has failed to protect his side. The gateway to the Super Bowl on the NFC side is easier than they have ever been. As great as he has been all these year, he has done nothing more than what Brett Farve did for the Packers.

MVPs and throwing less interceptions than anyone in any given year is impressive, but what are the results from all that production. One Super Bowl and a lot of second place finishes in the NFC. In a time where the NFC side is as weak as it has every been from a competition stand point, Rodgers should be dominating regardless of the excuses we like to give him. At this point, the only thing Rodger has is his talent and not his ability to lead for championships.

2. Josh Allen

Now that is a bad man, Allen is sitting in the same position Payton Manning was sitting in for a few years when he could not get pass the Patriots or the Steelers. Allen’s gatekeeper is Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes and Allen battled it out in the divisional round of the playoffs this year and put on a show. The game came down to overtime, but nevertheless the game has been billed as the greatest game ever. 27-37 for 329 yards and 4 touchdowns was the last stat line we seen from Allen.

Every year we have seen Allen play better. He rises to the occasion to fo toe to toe with the best in the NFL and he doesn’t blink. If he was the one to have the ball last, we would very well be talking about the Bills going to the Super Bowl rather than the Bengals.

1. Patrick Mahomes

The evolution of the perfect storm is Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes gives you Aaron Rodgers ability but at a younger age. Mahomes was very fortunate to have head coach Andy Reid. Reid will be heading to Canton once he hangs it up. Mahomes led the Chiefs to 4 straight AFC championship games, winning 2 out of the 4 and winning 1 Super Bowl in the process. The gauntlet of quarterbacks in that span where he loss is impressive. Tom Brady beat Mahomes in his first AFC championship appearance and then again the the Super Bowl. Joe Burrow this past year was able to take Mahomes down as well, but he has continued to have Josh Allens Number.

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