FUBU is making a comeback

The For US BY US or FUBU is relaunching themselves with an interest in collegiate partnerships. The brand started by serial entrepreneur, Daymond John, was a huge streetwear fashion brand that was heavily pushed by the hip-hop scene of the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Photo Credit: Jackson State Athletics

FUBU has already entered into multi-year NIL deal with Jackson State wide receiver Malachai Wideman and a few D1 gymnast in their campaign for their relaunch. The resurgence of FUBU works well with the ever growing attention into HBCU athletics around the country.

Photo Credit: Essence Magazine

Things in the HBCU world seemed to be in the headlines every week since NFL legends Deion Sanders took over Jackson State football program. Just this past week, Coach Deion Sanders took his players on a sneak peak tour of their new locker and training rooms.

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