NFL pushing for flag football to be included in the Olympics

Over the last 10 years, flag football has grown into a major side hobby for a lot of individuals who have love for the game of football but didn’t get to the highest level of the game.

The NFL has come to recognize the growth in flag football and the international opportunity it can present to the growth of the sport overall. With that being said, the NFL has begun the push to bring flag football to the 2028 Olympics.

There is a huge growing interest in American football internationally, this makes the idea of bringing flag football to the Olympics possible. Unfortunately, the idea is nice, but to actually get it done will be tougher. Some may not understand, but American football is still very regional.

Bringing a sport to one of the biggest stages in the world but only one or two countries actually play the sport doesn’t make since or things competitive. Damani Leech, the COO of NFL International, spoke to CNBC about the lofty goal. “We’ve got to make the game matter,” Leech told CNBC. “If flag football becomes a sport more countries will invest in playing that sport.” 

The NFL will have some work to do to get more countries to adopt flag football. It will be a lot easier to get communities in other counties to play flag football since the cost of materials is a lot cheaper than a full set of tackle football gear.

The decision want be made until 2024, which gives the NFL 2 years to get enough countries to play the sport. The NFL is powerful, so the goal might not be too lofty.

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