Canes star guard Isiah Wong to transfer if NIL deal is not increased

In the new world of college athletics where players can get paid for their Name, Image, and Likeness, we should have expected news of a player looking to leave a program because of it.

Miami star basketball guard, Isiah Wong, has requested an increase in his NIL deal or he will transfer. A few days prior, news came out that Wong would be entering his name into the NBA Draft, so what changed? I believe Wong was given a draft grade that wasn’t to his liking.

In the NBA, your draft position determines how much money your rookie contract will be. It is a contractual agreement made in the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement to protect the franchises from players that don’t live up to their potential.

Wong, probably looked to return to Miami to improve his draft stock for next year while making more money through his NIL deal. Unfortunately, Wong signed a contract that states the parameters of his compensation. Wong and his agent have expressed that Wong would enter into the transfer portal if he doesn’t get more money from his NIL.

Wong helped lead the Miami’s basketball team to their first ever Elite 8 appearance.

This is the downside to the NIL; because the NCAA has outlawed receiving compensation that is contingent on enrollment at a particular institution, Isiah Wong would be in violation of NCAA rules. His agent should have been on top of that.

With that being said, Wong might have to head to the NBA. The NCAA now has knowing knowledge that his participation at any school is based on the NIL deal he receives.

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