Urban Edge Network is a game changer for HBCUs

The ever changing and fast-paced landscape of college athletics has put a spotlight on HBCUs. Historical Black Colleges and Universities have always been an essential component of the history of college athletics, and the Urban Edge Network is looking to ensure that HBCUs continue to have that spotlight.

The Urban Edge Network is a game changer for the future of HBCUs in many ways. A black owned live stream network that helps clients build authentic relationships in a brave new world by providing media assets for HBCU League Pass, on-site event execution, experiential marketing activities, media planning, multicultural strategies, and public relations services.

In February, Florida A&M University inked a multi-year media rights deal with Urban Edge’s HBCU League Pass+. A few days later, Grambling State University inked a similar deal with Urban Edge. This marks a huge step forward in exposure for these two programs.

Sure to follow, other HBCUs have also started to lock in on the opportunity with HBCU League Pass+. Norfolk State and Virginia Union channels have popped up on the network as of recently.

True Value

College sports media is a billion-dollar industry that Urban Edge is tapping into, and it will only go up. The Big 10 conference for example is being pursued by NBC. The potential deal could be upwards of $1.1 billion per year. That type of money and exposure will continue to shape that conference and its continued success.

HBCUs could use that type of money and exposure, and that’s exactly what Urban Edge is doing. The platform is supported by ads, but that allows for the platform to be free for the subscribers.

Although HBCU League Pass+ gets most of the attention, Urban Edge Network also offers an HBCU FANZONE to allow the fans to connect with the players.

Furthermore, Urban Edge offers HBCUs a platform that is centered around on-demand HBCU content. HBCU fans can download the HBCU League Pass+ and catch their favorite teams anywhere. This offers HBCUs the rights to control the narrative from the perspective of the HBCU faithful.

Henceforth, the easy-to-use multi-channel platform has endless potential to be the staple of black sports content.

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