The NBA to play in Abu Dhabi

The NBA announced today that there will be two NBA preseason games played in the United Arab Emirates between the Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks.

The will be the first time the NBA has played in the UAE at the Etihad Arena. Although the two teams feature two big super stars in Trae Young and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the NBA will be looking to see how well the start of this international partnership will go.

Abu Dhabi Etihad Arena (Photo Credit: Construction Weekly)

The NBA Abu Dhabi Game partnership is a multi-year deal and will be apart of the NBA’s effort to expand the game. Already played internationally in some countries, it will be great for the NBA to continue to enter other markets.

The games are scheduled for Oct. 6 and Oct. 8 of this year.

Furthermore, the Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards are scheduled to play Sept. 30 and Oct 2. in Saitama, Japan.

As the leagues popularity grows, there will be more international opportunities on the horizon for the NBA.

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