FIFA and EA Sports end three decade long partnership

It was recently confirmed that EA Sports and FIFA will end their three decade long partnership. The FIFA 2023 video game will be the last edition made by EA Sports.

This partnership will not stop EA Sports from continuing to make a Football (Soccer). Actually, EA Sports will rename the FIFA video game EA Sports FC. The video game has been one of the most profitable franchises in gaming history.

Unfortunately, the cost of licensing was the main reason for the separation. While EA Sports has decided to partner with Nike, FIFA has decided to create their own game.

EA Sports has assured that the game experience will be the same as it was when they were partnered with FIFA, but with a drop in some of the licensing, it will be hard to believe that the changes won’t have an effect.

FIFA 22 In-Game play (Photo Credit: PC Gamer)

FIFA on the other hand has assured that their game will not have a drop off. FIFA president Gianni Infantino, made a bold statement that their game will be the best football(Soccer) game out. Fans of the FIFA video game series will have to wait and see which game will be the best moving forward.

Although the partnership ends, EA Sports and FIFA will enjoy one final game together with the release of the FIFA 2023.

EA Sports vice president David Jackson said that the future offerings needed for its players clutched with what was set up in the last contract with FIFA. In order to operate in the future, EA Sports needed be able offer more than just the play as the interactive experience.

With the VR and the Meta becoming more into focus, EA Sports would be wise to position itself for the next evolution of gaming and entertainment.

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