Luka and the Mavs crush the Suns in Game 7

It’s hard to imagine a game 7 being this one sided, but that is exactly what happen. The Mavs’ young super star Luka Doncic put on a game 7 show; leading the Mavs to the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

The Mavs came into the series against the Suns as huge under dogs, but when you have one of the top 5 players in the NBA on your team, anything is possible. Luka put up 35 points in the close out game, but it was the way he put up the 35 points that was most impressive.

Although listed as a point guard, Luka at 6’7 230, is one of the bigger guards in the league. His size makes him too large for normal guards to defend, creating a sizeable mismatch. Well, some might suggest putting a forward on him, and that would still be a mismatch.

The Mavs, with Luka and company, put this game out of reach by half time. They held the future hall of fame inductee Chris Paul to just 10 points in a close out game. Devin Booker was held to just 11 points, and he is considered to be a rising star in the NBA.

Furthermore, the Mavs got great contribution from Jalen Brunson who gave 24 points and Spencer Dinwiddle who got a 30 piece coming off the bench.

In the 123-90 performance, the Mavs stunned the NBA world. Now they must get ready to play the Golden State Warriors.

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