Miami is getting a $100 million football facility upgrade

Ever since Miami decided to move on from head coach Manny Diaz to Mario Cristobal, the Canes have been headliners of college sports.

Miami is beginning the process of upgrading their football facilities as mentioned by head coach Mario Cristobal. The cost of the facility is said to be an upwards of 100 million with expected plans to be ready by the summer. As of right now, the news is that the indoor practice facility will be extended to a full 100 yards.

For a program like Miami, the word around college football was that Miami did not have the funds to support a major college football program in the modern era of college football. Those voices have since gone quiet.

Although Miami is a private school, the alumni base of Miami is deep and prideful. The recent investment into the program comes after Miami was called out by ESPN analysis Kirk Herbstreit on national tv. This led to the firing of Coach Diaz and the hiring of Coach Cristobal.

“The facility will be as good or even better as anything in the country,” Cristobal said. ” The gap has been growing, and now we are closing that gap – we intend to get ahead,” Cristobal said.

In recent years, Miami has made a lot of noise off the field and not enough on it. That noise brough in some solid recruits, but not enough to get to the top of college football. For that reason, Coach Cristobal has put a huge emphasis on upgrading the facilities.

With that being said, we look forward to seeing what headline Miami creates next.

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