Electronic Arts is looking to make a merger

The video game maker, Electronic Arts or EA for short, is looking to find the right partner to merge with moving forward. EA has been in the news as of late with the announcement of their partnership with FIFA ending after the FIFA 23 video game is released.

Recent activity through out the gaming world prompted EA to look for potential opportunities. Earlier this year, news broke about Microsoft offer to Activation for a little over $68 billion.

EA did reach out to NBC Universal about a potential merger, but negotiations stalled. The mega game developer is now on the radar for Apple and Disney. A merger with Apple or Disney would be a major benefit for all parties involved.

Although Apple isn’t a major player in the gaming world, a merger with EA would put them up there with the best. EA is responsible for some of the best gaming franchises of all time; producing games like Need for Speed, The Sims, Madden, and FIFA (now, EA Sports FC).

Apple and EA have very strong ties to each other. The founder of Electronic Arts was once an employee at Apple before starting EA. The two brands have partnered before on other projects to protect different video games for the IOS System.

With that being said, there is a huge elephant in the room for this type of merger to happen. Currently, Apple is under the microscope for anti-competitive practices. Buying the massive game developer may not help Apple’s case against these allegations.

Nevertheless, Disney is also an option for the EA, but it is yet to be known if this is a real possibility. One thing is for sure, Electronic Arts is up for sale.

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