KD should seek a trade to the Miami Heat

Some might say he is jumping a ship he asked to be on, and I would say to those same people that the ship is sinking. He is not the captain of the Brooklyn Nets ship and never was.

Unfortunately, Kyrie Irving was the captain of the Nets, and it was James Harden who saw the writing on the wall and dipped early. The Nets project is over, and Kevin Durrant should seek a trade out of Brooklyn.

The ideal spot for Kevin Durrant has always been and will continue to be the Miami Heat and here is why.

What we know about KD is that all he wants to focus on is playing basketball. The sport he has become one of the greatest of all time to lace the shoes up. His God given ability has placed him amongst the elite and a guaranteed spot into the Hall of Fame.

The 2-time NBA champion made the big move 3 years ago to join the Brooklyn Nets with the expectations of winning another NBA championship. Unfortunately, due to injuries by members of the Nets “big 3” at different points throughout their tenure together the team hasn’t lived up to the expectations.

Also, not to mention the unneeded absence of Kyrie due to his battle against taking the Covid-19 vaccine which held him out of majority of the Nets home games. Now, Kyrie is having a contract battle with the Nets that could see Kyrie leaving Brooklyn and possibly heading to LA to play with LeBron James.

Crazy right?!

Miami Heat

With all that being said, the best fit for KD would be to take his talents to south beach. The Miami Heat are in the Eastern Conference which has traditionally been the easier conference to run through.

Also, the Heat are led by the veteran head coach Erik Spoelstra and NBA royalty and Miami Heat President Pat Riley.

If all KD wants to do is play basketball, then the Miami Heat are the franchise for that. The Heat front office would take care of everything he actually needs in order to win on the court.

The Miami Heat roster is built Ford tough. In a seven-game series, we all watched as Jimmy Butler put everything he had into beating the Celtics. Although unsuccessful, the conclusion is that Jimmy needs help.

As great as Jimmy is, he is not a Kevin Durant, Lebron James, or even a Luka Doncic. The Heat are in talks with the Utah Jazz to bring guard Donovan Mitchell to Miami. Although a great trade, it has yet to be known if that trade will actually happen.

The Miami Heat would be huge favorites heading into the playoff next season with the addition of either Mitchell or KD, but a KD signing would give them the best odds at winning the NBA finals.

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