Coach Prime donates half his salary to Jackson State facilities

Jackson State Stadium

We have come to know that Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders is leading the charge in changing the perception of HBCU Football. On and off the field, Coach Prime has pushed the notion “why not us.” In almost everything he does is for the betterment of Jackson State and fellow HBCU programs.

This past weekend, Jackson State hosted the XFL showcase for HBCU prospects hoping to hear their names called in November during the XFL Draft. This is a second chance many of the players have been looking for to play the game they love.

Since Coach Prime became the head coach at Jackson State, the entire HBCU sports landscape has felt an overwhelming growth in exposure. Now, Coach Prime is diving even deeper into helping his program improve.

Last month, Sean “P Diddy” Combs pledged $1 million to Jackson State to help Coach Prime’s program even more. We have all come to realize that HBCU programs have been in need of major upgrades to their athletic facilities. Jackson State made some upgrades since Coach Prime became the coach, but Coach Prime is doing even more.

On Saturday, Coach Prime pledged to donate half of his salary to help complete the new athletic facility at Jackson State. Coach Prime continues to speak on his time at Jackson State is his calling and he is adhering to it.

Coach Prime is looking to the future

The facilities that Jackson State is building is for the players, but this is also for the future of the Jackson State program.

Coach Prime was asked about college football expansion ” It has huge effect, sooner or later some of the prominent schools are going to have to make a decision. What do we want to do? Do we want to adhere to tradition, or do we want to put ourselves in a financial situation that our school prospers? We’re already speaking about it.”

Consequently, The HBCU landscape is about to change, and maybe it will be for the better.

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