The Madden 23 quarterback ratings are wrong

Since 1988, Madden NFL Football has come out with great anticipation. As of late, when Madden is about to release the game, the company would release some of the player ratings early.

Typically, the ratings wouldn’t get much attention besides the guys who are rated 99. This year the QB ratings were a little off, well way off.

What was most telling about the ratings was that only 5 quarterbacks are rated 90 overall or above. I believe anyone who plays Madden can be ok with that. Honestly, those 5 quarterbacks are on a different level than the other 27 quarterbacks in the league. Tom Brady returns from a quick retirement as the top-rated quarterback in the league, again.

Sadly, after the top 5 rated quarterbacks are listed, Madden 23 creators caught amnesia or were paid a good amount of money. Shockingly, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was rated as the 6th best quarterback in the NFL based on their ratings. Prescott comes in at 89, just one point behind Joe Burrow.

Although Prescott is decent at quarterback and is top 12-15 in the league, his level of play does not say top-10. To sit in front of Justin Herbert, Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, and Matthew Stafford you have to have that dog in you.

In 2021, Prescott threw for over 4,000 yards and 37 touchdowns. That would have been great if you could get out of the first round of the playoffs consistently.

Ask yourself, do you believe Prescott can win you a Super Bowl? Any quarterback inside of the top-10 should have the capability to do so.

Here is the rest of the Madden 23 quarterback ratings.

Graphic Credit: Twitter/Madden

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