Formula 1 leaving the French and Belgian Grand Prix behind.

As the sports ahas gained massive popularity since with the new generation and other countries outside the normal destinations, Formula 1 leaders have had no choice but to consider the new locations.

The French and Belgian Grand Prix might be the two locations having toggle up their races if they’re not able to get a new contract done. Formula 1 only has 24 races a year, and with the new race in Las Vegas and a planned race for Qatar happening in 2023, the French and Belgian races might be left off.

The growing sport has many exciting locations that are international tourist destination that are paying big money to host the sport. The U.S. saw the first ever Miami Grand Prix take place this year with much excitement. The Race weekend generated over $350 million for the local economy.

With results like that, there’s no wondering why other countries would like the a Grand Prix as well.

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