Jimbo Fisher’s thoughts on recruiting

If you haven’t realized college football recruiting has become 365 days a year task. There’s no longer the option for coaches to take a few months off or even a day off to collect themselves. The moment the game is over on Saturdays, the really good programs are reaching out to talk to their recruits some way some how.

Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher mentioned the issues with the new recruiting cycles in college football. Jimbo said, “every weekend, except for the four weekends in February we’re dead, the only time we get off are those at the end of June and the first of July.” Believe it or not, there was once a time when coaches had to call or set real meetings with a recruits coach or parent to get in-touch with a recruit.

In 2022, programs are recruiting three or four classes at a time just to keep up. The worry is that coaches might get burned out. Ultimately, something will have to give or the system could collapse.

Having recruits on campus is nothing new, but having recruits on campus every weekend is where the problem comes in.

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Fortunately, Jimbo Fisher’s staff was able to bring in the best recruiting class in the country. The Aggies have gained depth and really good talent over the years. So much so that other programs are using the stacked roster against them in this recruiting cycle.

Coach Jimbo said he’s not worried about that. His response to those comments made by other programs is priceless. ” We think more of you then they do. Where you get better is who you go against every day in practice.” He goes on to say, “I’ve never had a great player ever ask me about the depth chart.”

The story he shared was about 5-star recruit and star NFL cornerback Jalen Ramsey. “We had four returning corners. Lamarcus Joyner, P.J. Williams, Terrence Brooks, and Ronald Darby. All were first or second round NFL Draft picks. They’re all still playing in the NFL after eight years. He (Ramsey) was a freshman the year we won the National Championship. Jalen said ‘Coach, I’m going to start day one.’ Jimbo said, Jalen, if you’re the best player you’ll start day one. He started day one. We had to move a guy to nickel. To this day, that whole secondary to this day is playing in the NFL eight years later.”

“The great players never asked me about who we have or what goes on. They think someone else is going to have to move. The guys in this group (2022 recruiting class) right here are saying it. ‘Coach, I’m not trying to be arrogant to the guys we have but we’re coming here to play’. That’s how you build a great program. Just like we did at Florida State.”

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