Miami upgrades locker room

For the longest, many around college football believed that the Miami Hurricanes did not have the funds to compete in the modern era of college football. With the every program in the country upgrading the facilities left and right, Miami’s facilities began to look like they were in the storage.

In the 80s and 90s, the Miami Hurricanes’ facilities were state of the art. High class for a small private school at the bottom of the United States. Some of the greatest players walked the halls and weight rooms of those facilities.

Unfortunately, the facility arms race began and the Canes were kind of stuck in the glory days.

Finally, after being mocked for so many years for being cheap and behind the times, Miami has become one of the bigger spenders in this new era of NIL deals and Transfer Portal.

In January, Miami was committed to upgrading the locker rooms. Now, The Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson locker room were unveiled to the player delight.

The new lockers sport a sleek black finish with the players photos. In addition, the million dollar renovation continue to show Miami’s commitment to financially supporting the football program.

Moreover, the impact of those chastising words from ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit lit a fire for the program.

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