Best Tailgating Essentials

Football season is preseason is here and soon the regular season will be upon us. With that being said, it is also tailgating season. Tailgating, if you do not know, is one of the biggest traditions of all time for any sport, but largely linked to football.

All around the country there will be hundreds of games played on the field but also in the parking lot. From college campuses to the parking lots outside of NFL stadiums, there will be many different styles of tailgating and I wanted to make sure you knew what some of the essential must haves for any successful tailgate are.

Tent City

The one key aspect of any successful tailgating experience is making sure you have a tent on hand. A tailgate can go on without one, but if it is too hot or starts to rain for any reason, the tent protects you and the food you might have made.

Most likely hot dogs or hamburgers, unless your skills on the grill goes beyond just the basics. Well, I have a grill recommendation further down.

Back to the tent, I recommend two options.

Eagle Peak 10′ x 10′ – Best Cheap Canopy Tent for Tailgating

The Eagle Peak is a very simple and conventional starter pack canopy tent. A tent like this will lock in your space at any tailgating location. It will also show that you have come prepared for the heat or rain. It’s easy to set up and break down once the festivities are over. The tent has no side walls, this is perfect for having a group of people relaxing under the canopy or grilling in the open. Again, we do not want the food to get wet.

The Eagles Peak canopy tent comes in various colors from white all the way to green. It can easily fit for any sports team you are pulling for.

Even though this tent is on the cheaper side, it is the same size of most tents on the market. The canopy gives 64 square feet of shade that can fit 5 people comfortably with an adjustable base. If you’re looking for a more stylish canopy tent, I got the right one for you.

Unique Canopy 10′ x 10′ – Best All Around Canopy Tent

The Unique Canopy is an enclosed upgrade to the Eagle Peak canopy tent. The Unique comes with wall attachments that can block out the wind, rain, and heat from all sides. If you wanted to set up a portable generator right outside the tent and link an extinction from it to the inside of the tenant, you could plug up a t.v. to see the other games going on while you wait for yours.

The powder coated steel frame, rust-resistance, 3 adjustment heights tent is easy to set-up and break down. The tent comes with four sandbags, 3 side walls with a 4th wall as the door. Although it has the ability to be completely enclosed, you’re not required to have the walls up either for it to stand strong.

Grill Master

One of the key elements to any great tailgate is the food. The right burger or hotdog or ribs can set the evening right for the big game. The way you can make this happen is by choosing the right grill!

Maison Huis Portable Charcoal Grill – Best Starter Grill for Tailgating

The Maison isn’t the biggest grill on the block, but you don’t want the biggest. This starter grill is perfect for quick tailgate set up. A charcoal grill that can fit inside any vehicle.

The 14×10 inch grill can fit 6 burgers, 16 hotdogs, and 4 nice size steaks. There’s a thermometer on the lid of the grill to help control the internal temp.

With choice for a grill, your tailgating space underneath the canopy will still have the space to invite friends while still being able to be a grill master.

Char-Broil Classic – Best Grill for Larger Meals

This grill requires no table to place it on, but it does require a truck or van to get to the grill to the tailgate. With that being said, the grill provides the right amount of space needed to put whatever you would like on the grill.

The convenient addition to the grill is the side burner. If you want to make a sauce or even just a side dish, the burner makes it easy.

This grill is light and easy to move from tailgate to tailgate. If you’re looking to put some big items on the grill this is the grill for you.

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