Are the Canes getting a new stadium?

Since 2008, the Miami Hurricanes have played in the Hard Rock Stadium. The beautiful venue has held many major sporting events including the Super Bowl, the College Football National title, and even a Formula 1 race this past May but it has never truly felt like home for the Miami Hurricanes.

While an NFL stadium would be nice for some schools, Miami is still a small private school that would benefit greatly from having their own stadium. Not to mention a stadium that is less than an hour away from the campus.

For years, many have wondered if the Canes would ever get their own stadium again. In 2008, the old Orange Bowl was torn down. In its place sits the Miami Marlins stadium.

The once historic monument to sports history held as many if not more events than the new Hard Rock Stadium. The Canes won all 5 of their national championships and held a 58 home winning streak there.

In the 14 years since, the Canes have won just one 10-game season and has had 4 head coaches since. With the school’s new dedication to the football program, we could very well see a new Miami Hurricanes stadium in the near future.

Tropical Park Stadium

The HKS renderings for the proposed 60 thousand seat stadium for the Miami Hurricanes were released. HKS Architects were tasked with creating the vision of what the new stadium might look like.

HKS Architects designed Sofi stadium in Los Angeles, the home of the LA Rams and LA Chargers.

Miami booster John H. Ruiz has been spearheading the project since Coach Mario Cristobal was announced as the head coach.

Again, with Miami’s newfound effort to turn the Canes back into a perennial powerhouse program, it’s only fitting they get their own stadium again.

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