FAMU vs North Carolina put on a show

As we all know, FAMU came into the game down 20 players due to eligibility issues that popped up 24 hours before the game. After the news, the seniors on the team had to decide if they would play or not.

The FAMU vs North Carolina matchup was on the brink of not happening, but we’re glad it did. North Carolina and FAMU put on a show and found their quarterbacks for the future.

The first few drives were punts for both teams, but it would be North Carolina to score first. It would come after freshman QB Drake Maye rushed for a 42-yard. Maye dropped a 39-yard dime in the endzone for the first score of the 2022 season for UNC.

It wouldn’t be long before newly minted starter QB Jeremy Moussa marched down the field on the next drive with his own touchdown pass. Opening the game 11/15 for 98 yards and 1 touchdown.

The speed on both offenses looked to be equal but without the entire roster for FAMU it is difficult to judge if the defense for FAMU is good or not. Star DE Isaiah Land was sorely missed on the FAMU defensive line.

Drake Maye had so much time to throw the ball because of the lack of pressure. Even with the time, Maye missed a few easy throws.

Returning star receiver Josh Downs for UNC played really well and consistent. He was Maye’s favorite target. Downs had 9 catches for 78 and 2 touchdowns in early back and forth matchup.

What did we learn?


UNC quarterback Drake Maye steps in where Sam Howell left off with no drop off. The young QB dispersed the ball well to 10 different receivers on the night. Although the Tar Heels played a FCS opponent, it was nice to see the control Maye had over the offense.

However, the Tar Heels should be worried heading into ACC play this year. The defense gave up 335 yards to a team that was without 3 of their all-American offensive linemen.

The Tar Heels defensive line managed to get only 3 sacks on the day. Outside of the mistakes made by FAMU, the Tar Heels defense were easily pushed around. We can only imagine what could have been if FAMU had a fully available team.

If we were to put a grade on this game, it would be a C- for UNC.

Who’s Next?

at Appalachian State on ESPN U at 12PM


The Rattlers have found themselves a quarterback that makes them a dangerous team in 2022. In 2021, the Rattlers did reach the FCS playoffs but it was apparent that the quarterback play would have to be better in 2022.

With that being said, Jeremy Moussa made his name known with his Saturday performance against North Carolina. Moussa, a Vanderbilt transfer, put up an impressive 28-38 for 279 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Moussa’s one mistake at the end of the 2nd quarter was over shadowed by the way he handled the North Carolina defense. Yet, the Rattlers were without so many key players.

What we learned is that the Rattlers might be the favorites to win it all with Moussa at quarterback and the talent he has around him.

Coach Simmons hasn’t had a quarterback of the caliber that will allow him to open up the playbook like he showed on Saturday.

Who’s Next?

Jackson State on ESPN 2 at 3PM.

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