Virginia Tech falls to ODU

Oh have the mighty have fallen. It seems like forever since Michael Vick or even Tyrod Taylor walked the sidelines leading the Hokies.

For the second straight time Old Dominion has beaten the Hokies. A Sun Belt school that hasn’t been a D1 program longer than a decade.

ODU held the Hokies to under 20 points in a 20-17 win. Hokies starting QB threw 4 interceptions in the season opener. Although Grant Wells came in to the ACC with great hype, hype looks like that is all he brings to the table.

Keshawn King was a bright spot for the Hokies. 19 carries for 111 yards at 5.8 yard a carry. He will be leaned on all season to make magic happen for an offense that had a difficult time finishing.

This loss is a constant reminder to how far the ACC and its premier programs have to go in order to compete with the SEC or even the Big Ten.

Once more, the loss shows how far the Hokies have fallen since Frank Beamer lead the once formidable ACC program. With conference realignment at a constant, will the Hokies make the cut when realignment happens again.

If current resumes were a factor, a loss to Sun Belt ODU would be a huge black eye for the program.

As the ACC sees more and more discussion about Clemson, Florida State, Miami, and even North Carolina leaving for the Big Ten, the Hokies are the only other program worthy of consideration.

Ultimately, the Hokies are at the mercy of how they play and how they win. If the money, wins, and program dynamics make since then the Holies are in a great position. Unfortunately, the win column won’t be as great as the other aspects of their program.

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