Miami beats Southern Miss 30-7

After a dominant performance against the FCS level Bethune Cookman in week 1, Miami blow pass Southern Miss in the second half.

The first half for Miami was as bad as it could get for any ranked team. Southern Miss young quarterback looked like Patrick Mahomes or even Josh Allen.

Sadly, Miami’s D-line could not get any pressure on the young QB. Wilke played with poise and confidence in the first half. Miami has a huge issue with keeping containment.

Miami’s cornerbacks were terrible all game in coverage. Southern Miss WRs Brownlee started to look like Calvin Johnson. Catching the ball over multiple defenders at once.

It wouldn’t be until Tyreek Stevenson was put on Brownlee that a play would be made.

Offensively, Miami ran the ball a lot for a little. 55 yards total and just one touchdown on the ground. Additionally, the passing game wasn’t much better either.

QB Tyler Can Dykes threw wild passes in the first half that led to him throwing a interception. It wouldn’t be until the second half were TVD look like a potential 1st round pick.

Fortunately, the Canes were able to make second half adjustments that would propel the Canes forward.

Running back Henry Parrish rushed for another 100 yard game. Franklin was a good change of pace back with 42 yards on 11 Carrie’s. Jaylen Knighton saw 6 Carrie’s for just 18 yards.

More receivers saw Millie

All in all, Miami must play better going into next week. Being a second half team is great when you play bad teams.

Next week, Texas A&M will require Miami to play a complete game through and through. Tyler Van Dykes needs to clean up whatever he is seeing.

Too many passes into double and triple coverage that should be interception. TVD should have maybe 3 interceptions on the year if the wasn’t drops.

Lastly, Miami has receivers and running backs who can make the plays needed to be dominant on offense. Without being too forward here, Miami’s offense can be scary good, but will they is the question.

(Feature photo credit: Miami Twitter)

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