Status Pro NFL VR game is next level

We all knew that virtual reality video gaming would be the next frontier for gaming. It was only a matter of time that such a game would be available for football.

Maybe we expected EA sports or even the NFL to bring us such a game, but it would be Status Pro that delivered the brilliant game changer that is NFL Pro Era.

Status Pro is a sports technology company that combines athlete data with augmented and virtual reality to revolutionize the training and gaming experience – Status Pro Twitter

Founded by athletes with the intentions to democratize the professional athlete experience. that’s exactly what NFL Pro Era does.

NFL Pro Era allows the user to be QB 1 of an NFL team. Just from looking at the game play, the feeling of being in the actual game is there.

The Oculus VR does a great job of blocking out outside distractions with its goggles.

Obviously, the QB 1 mode of NFL Pro Era is just the beginning of what could take over Madden as the NFL game of choice for consumers.

The game is available on Meta Quest 2

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