Will the Canes ever return?

Another loss for the Miami Hurricanes and another week of asking ourselves will the Miami Hurricanes ever return?

As a fan of Miami, I want the Canes to be back at the top of college football as much if not more than anybody else. However, I understand what it will take for Miami to return to the top.

Since the 2002 season, the Miami Hurricanes as a program went into hibernation, like a dormant volcano. Every so often, we get a glimpse of the smoke puffing out the top of the once great mountain. Sadly, that’s all it is. A puff of smoke.

As a program, Miami has suffered from the hands of poor leadership from individuals above the head coach. The once great powerhouse has ultimately been irrelevant for the last 20-years.

As the University of Miami as grown into one of the most prestigious private institutions in the country, some might say the football team is responsible for that. Again, that’s up for you to decide.

But moving forward, the fans of Miami need to remain patient and give new head coach Mario Cristobal a chance to turn Miami around.

So, what should Miami fans look for in year 1?

Are the Canes Competing

The number 1 thing we should look for in coach Cristobal’s first season is whether or not the Hurricanes are competing. In many games Miami has played over the years, the Canes have tapped out of the game within the first half.

Miami vs LSU, Miami vs Alabama, Miami vs Wisconsin, Miami vs Michigan State, Miami vs anybody ranked.

Ultimately giving the game away before it even starts. Winning can only be accomplished when you finish. As for this year, Miami hasn’t played a complete game yet, but they’re competing.

This is why Miami has loss the last 3 games. If you combine all the points Texas A&M, Mid Tenn State, and North Carolina scored in the first quarter, Miami was outscored in the first quarter 34-6. Second quarter on, Miami have outscored their opponents 58-55. Although close, this show Miami is competitive to the end.

With that being said, there’s more we should look for in Coach Cristobal’s first year.

Playing Time & Accountability

Two phrases that should be linked together for Miami is playing Time and accountability. There’s only been a few freshmen that have been able to get on the field for Miami and have had a real impact since 2012. The reason is because of underperforming upperclassmen getting second and third chances.

Additionally, it would be great to see some of the young talent on the field in key moments. We’ve seen Miami have great young players sitting on the sideline due to the excuse of “He’s just not ready.”

What we should notice in Cristobal’s year 1 are the number of players seeing the field. When a player messes up, we should see his replacement getting some playing time. How could you expect a player to get better if he’s never given the chance to see the field.

Honestly, I believe the reason so many Miami players have underdeveloped is because they don’t expect to get in the game in their freshman year. This should never be the case for Miami at this point of the rebuilding process.

If Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and Clemson can play freshman, so can the Miami Hurricanes.

Ultimately, if Cristobal can instill a sense of accountability in his first season, the Canes should be seeing some huge improvements as the season goes on.

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