Who’s next for Devin Haney

This weekend we saw another great fight from Devin Haney. The young champion defeat George Kambosos for the second time this year.

Although the fight was competitive, Haney took over as the fight raged on. Another victory and defense of his undisputed lightweight champion title.

Now that he has defeated Kambosos, all eyes point to him leaving the 135 pound division and moving up to the Junior Welterweight division at 140. Devin has admitted that dropping weight to reach 135 has been very difficult.

Josh Taylor

Currently, Josh Taylor is the only Junior Welterweight champion. Taylor has held two of the four belts in the division since 2019. That’s a very long time for anyone to hold belts.

However, Haney could be the competitor Taylor has been looking for to challenge him for the belts.

Gervonta Davis

Furthermore, there is some rumblings of a Devin Haney vs Gervonta Davis fight in the near future. Both fighters are from the Mayweather tree and have spared before.

There’s countless interviews between Haney and Davis where they have spoken of winning in their sparing sessions. Obviously, the truth can only be told by those who have seen the sparing sessions.

Now that these two champions are older, Haney and Davis could lay the debate to rest and meet in the ring. Until then, no one knows.

Ryan Garcia

Garcia might be an interesting fight. Haney and Garcia came into boxing around the same time. Garcia has tremendous hand speed that can catch any fighter off guard if they’re not focus.

Although Garcia is young, he has taken more time off from boxing than Davis or Haney. Garcia would say he was nursing an injury, but until we see him fight real competition the jury will be out on if he is as good as he advertises.

Haney, Davis, and even Canelo Alvarez has spoken about or to Garcia about his work ethic in the past. At the moment, Garcia is trying to land a fight against Gervonta Davis. A very legitimate opponent, but it could be dangerous for the young fighter.

Davis has fought countless great fighters who take boxing serious, Garcia could become an easy win for Davis or a stunning loss. Nonetheless, a Haney-Garcia fight would draw a pretty nice crowd and viewers.

Haney has openly spoken about Garcia being his mandatory two or three times and was never approached about setting the fight.

That fight could be labeled as “The Future of Boxing!”

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