2023 NFL Draft Player Profile: Blake Corum

Position: Running Back

School: Michigan

Year: Junior

Measurables: 5’8”, 210 pounds

NFL Comparison: Maurice Jones-Drew

Player Overview

The 5’8 210-pound NFL Draft prospect out of Michigan is slated to be a sleeper in the draft. Blake Corum was the bellcow for the Wolverines in 2022. He led the Wolverines in rushing and touchdowns on the year. At first, Corum was seen as a change of pace back his first two years out of high school. However, once Corum started to physically develop in the weight room, you can see a solid low to the ground frame forming.

His NFL comparison is former UCLA Bruin and Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew wasn’t the biggest back coming out of college, but his low center of gravity and strong thick legs made it difficult for defenders to tackle him. Like Jones-Drew, Corum shows that same physique.

On the field, Corum shows great patience and vision to get to the second level. He has the strength break weak tackles and speed to get extra yards on the defense. Once more, Corum is a threat out the backfield as well.


Again, Corum has great vision to find the right crease to get into the second level. Although Corum isn’t the fastest guy on the field, Corum has deceptive speed. He can get to a defender really quickly and make it very difficult to adjust to make the tackle. This ability is helped by the fact Corum is very low to the ground.

Moreover, Corum has a very low center of gravity, strong legs, and shows great lateral quickness in tight spaces. In Corum’s toolbox of agility moves are jump cuts, spin moves, and leaping. He’s been seen attempting to jump over defenders.

Lastly, Corum has demonstrated patience at the line of scrimmage as a runner and a receiver. Often times Corum can get lost behind the line before catching a screen pass. The NFL game uses screen passes a lot; an asset that will have many coordinators interested in his ability.


As great as Corum’s game is for college, his biggest weakness in something he can’t change. As a smaller back that is closer to 5’7 than 5’9, Corum can become a liability in pass protection. The bigger and much faster rushers in the NFL will test him at every chance they get.

Additionally, durability will become a question during the draft evaluation process. Corum has suffered a few injuries thus far in his college career. As we know, NFL running backs careers don’t last very long.

Furthermore, Corum is fast enough to make a play, but he’s not a homerun threat. The great thing going for him is that most NFL running backs can’t break away from defenders either.

Best Fit: Saints

Draft Projection: Round 2-3

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