MLB on the move

As the World Series continues with the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies, Major League Baseball is preparing to move the Oakland A’s from Oakland.

It’s been an on going conversation between the city of Oakland and MLB hoping to get a deal done so that the Oakland A’s can stay put. Unfortunately, the probability that the A’s stay in Oakland is looking smaller and smaller.

Currently, the Oakland A’s play in the RingCentral Coliseum. A 56-year old venue that is being outclassed by the modern stadiums across the country.

Moreover, the A’s have seen terrible home game attendance numbers over the past few years. The A’s were the only franchise to average less than 11,000 fans per game. A move from Oakland has a lot to do with the venue as much as the attendance. Ultimately, the fans dictate the level of interest and valuable a franchise has in the city.

With that being said, the possible option for the Oakland A’s would be to join their former Oakland neighbors, the Raiders, in Las Vegas. In 2020, the Oakland Raiders became the Las Vegas Raiders. After spending 24 years in Oakland, the Raiders seemed a new venue and ultimately a new market.

Las Vegas

Unlike Oakland, Las Vegas is a fast rising sports international hub. Known for hosting the biggest fights and apples amounts of casinos, adding a Major League Baseball team would only add to the attraction of Las Vegas.

Typically, MLB requires teams to pay a relocation fee, but to help assist in the process of the A’s potentially moving to Las Vegas, the MLB has decided to not charge that fee.

Although the Mayor of Oakland is still looking to make a deal that would keep the A’s in Oakland, it’s highly unlikely that MLB would pass up a chance to join the NFL and Formula 1 in Las Vegas.

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