Suspended Celtics coach likely to be named Nets Head Coach

News is coming out that the Nets have fired head coach Steve Nash, with the very possibility that Celtics suspended head coach Ime Udoka will become the Nets next head coach.

Remember, the Celtics suspended Udoka for the entire season due to his relationship with a female staff member that went against the ethical rules of the organization. However, there was never any indication that Udoka could not accept another job.

Udoka is credited for leading the Celtics to the NBA Finals last season. Although the Celtics lost, the Celtics are the favorites to win the Eastern Conference.

Unfortunately, the Celtics are now without one of the best coaches in the NBA. Not to mention, the Nets are a formidable team with two huge super stars on their team. Super-star all-around player Kevin Durant and Super-star Kyrie Irving will greatly appreciate the boost they will get from Udoka as a coach.

Why did the Nets make this move?

The simple answer to this will be the window of opportunity for the Nets. The Brooklyn Nets hold the contracts to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for this season. The Nets were hoping these two players could bring the Brooklyn a title, but unfortunately this has not happened.

The glaring issues began with the lack of time on the court together. The two super-stars have not played a full year on the court without interruptions from injuries and Covid rules. Building a great chemistry on the court can greatly improve a teams ability to play on the court.

Additionally, Head coach Steve Nash was in over his head. Although a great player, Nash as the head coach of a NBA Finals contending team was a little too much. Udoka will bring a structure to the Nets that they were missing.

Currently, the nets are 2-5 with a string of tough games ahead. A move like this early in the season salvages what could have been a disastrous year. The East will be difficult to win, but with two of the greatest players of this era on the same team, the odds are in their favor.

Who can challenge the Nets?

The change at head coach does not change the challenge ahead for the Brooklyn Nets. The defending Eastern Conference champion, Boston Celtics, will be just as tough to beat. Last time these two teams met was in the 1st round of the playoffs, and the Celtics swept the favorited Nets.

After the Celtics, the Milwaukee Bucks will be just as tough and gritty. Giannis Antetokounmpo, a.k.a. the Greek Freak, is back and better than before. The physically dominating forward has developed his game even further. He’s currently averaging 33 points per game and doing it in multiple ways. Not to mention, the cast of players the Bucks have are also as gritty as he is.

Last but not least, the Miami Heat will be a thorn in many teams side. Although the Heat aren’t as solid as they were before, the Heat find ways to win in big moments. Head coach Erik Spoelstra will have the Heat ready to compete at the highest level. Jimmy Butler and company maybe looking at their last chance to really get to the NBA Finals and bring a chip back to Miami.

Nonetheless, their road for the Nets will be difficult to navigate, but very doable to say the least. With the addition of Ime Udoka, the Nets become the immediate favorites to win the East.

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