2023 NFL Draft Player Profile: Bryce Young

Position: Quarterback

School: Alabama

Year: Junior

Measurables: 6’0 194 pounds

NFL Comparison: Patrick Mahomes

Player Overview:

Alabama’s official school roster list Bryce at 6’0 194 pounds. I would say that’s a little generous but seeing how the NFL has embraced the smaller quarterback as of late, size isn’t as big of a factor as it once was. Bryce Young is the most prepared and NFL ready quarterback in this year’s 2023 NFL Draft class. A two-year starter, Young has had to work with less than his predecessors did before him and has looked smoother doing it.

In 2021, Bryce led the Tide to an SEC Championship and a birth into the National Championship. Although he lost the National Championship, it took for him losing his top two pass catchers of the season to do it. Even when they were knocked out of the game, Bryce made plays to keep the Tide in the game. For all the talent Georgia had on that dominant defense, Bryce still looked like the best player on the field.

That’s the thing, in every single game he has played in college, Bryce has looked like the best player on the field. What makes a great NFL quarterback is the quarterback’s ability to make a play with whoever he has on his roster. Ultimately, Bryce elevates the play of his teammates naturally.


Bryce’s pocket presence is unmatched by any quarterback since former #1 overall pick Joe Burrow. Honestly, his awareness in the pocket might be better and that is saying a lot. Bryce is arguably the only quarterback I have seen in college that keeps his eye down field until the very last moment when running the ball is the best decision.

That brings me to his next strength, decision making. Additionally, the guy can make all the throws that are required of a quarterback, but it’s his ability to process the play to make the right decision that stands out. More importantly, when Bryce throws an interception, he keeps a short memory bank. One play doesn’t affect his decision making on the next play.

Furthermore, Bryce extends plays as well as any scrambling quarterback. He doesn’t run often because he extends the plays long enough for a receiver to get open. This talent forces a defense to remain in coverage far longer than expected. If he had better play from his receivers in 2022, Bryce would have crushed every record at Alabama.

Bryce Young is a gamer that elevates the players and coaches around him. We can admit, the Alabama offense under former offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian was a much better fit for Bryce’s talents. However, Bryce has made Bill O’Brian’s offense work for the most part. The offense doesn’t move as quickly as Sarkisian’s offense did, but Bryce somehow keeps it rolling.

Alabama has had quarterbacks Jalen Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa, and Mac Jones all under center and all stars in the NFL, but Bryce Young is a better prospect than them all.


The only weakness I see in his game is his overall stature. He’s not the biggest guy in the room by any means. Most of the teams picking in the top 4 of the NFL Draft will have offensive line issues and will cause some to be concerned. However, this small detail should not prevent any team from picking Bryce Young #1 overall.


Until Bryce gets to the NFL it will be very difficult to know what he has to work on. He can fit any offensive system and make it work. Given a bad offensive line and he will make a play. Given a great offensive line and he will make the defense pay. Given a bad receiving core and he will elevate them. Given a good receiving core and that offense will lead the league in yards and points.

Best Fit: Detroit Lions

Draft Projection: #1 overall pick

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