NFL top 5 power rankings

Week 10 of the NFL season gave us some shocking results that effect the NFL Power Rankings

5. Minnesota Vikings 8-1

At this point in the season, the Minnesota Vikings are playing as well as anyone in football. The big upset win over the Bills this past weekend was an alarm to the rest of the NFL that the Vikings are real contenders. Obviously, the true season does not begin until the playoffs, but the major players are starting to form.

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins continues to make big time throws to his go to receiver in Justin Jefferson. Some consider Jefferson to be the best receiver in the NFL. Jefferson has over 1,000 yards receiving. 1 of 2 receivers in 2022 to do so thus far. Currently, the Vikings offense ranks 11th in the NFL.

However, the Vikings defense is by far the most important component to the run the Vikings are on. The Vikings rank 2nd in forced turnovers. The Vikings track record and potential is why they’ re ranked at 5.

4. Buffalo Bills 6-3

In week 10, the Bills took another loss to fall to 6-3. The Vikings had a little luck on their side this weekend, but it was less about the Vikings and more about the Bills. Once again, the Bills are exposed for not having a balanced offense. Quarterback Josh Allen led the team in rushing on Sunday.

Although the Bills offense is explosive, their one dimensional scheme scheme will handicap the Bills in the playoffs. As we all can tell, the NFL can catch up quickly to any offense that is out there.

Furthermore, the Bills have been hit hard by the injury bug. The next man up mentality is great when the depth is there. However, it is best for the Bills to have these injuries now in the middle of the year. By the time the playoffs roll around, the Bills should have most of the starters back from injury.

3. Miami Dolphins 7-3

It’s a little surprising for me to write this, but the Miami Dolphins are the 3rd best team in the NFL. With Tua Tagovailoa under center and the bevy of speedsters on the team, the Dolphins are a very formidable team.

Currently, the Dolphins are on a four game winning streak that doesn’t look to have an end to it. Although the the Dolphin’s season will end with some tough opponents, the Dolphins hold an offensive mismatch. By acquiring Tyreek Hill in the offseason, the Dolphins offense has been able to open up.

First year head coach Mike McDaniel has done a fantastic job of tailoring the offense to Tua’s skillset. Furthermore, the defense has done a great job of holding their end of the bargain. Moving forward, the Dolphins should be favorited to win every game left in the regular season.

2. Philadelphia Eagles 8-1

The Eagles are coming off a stunning loss the the Washington Commanders. Monday’s loss was their first of the season, but one that was needed. As nice as an undefeated season would be, it is not a great spot to be in heading into the backend of the season.

Most teams who have come this late into the season without a loss become complacent and comfortable. In college a loss would be devastating for most programs, but in the NFL a loss isn’t seen as bad when you have a shot at the playoffs.

The good NFL teams have been known to adjust quickly to their mistakes. fixing a key and glaring issue in the regular season can prevent that same mistake from happening in the post season. The Eagles offense and defense rank inside the top 5 overall, which makes me very confident in them bouncing back.

Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts (Photo Credit: Tide 100.9)

Quarterback Jalen Hurts has development from year 1 to year 3 has been the catalyst for the Eagles rise this season. Not to mention, the Eagles acquired wide receiver A.J. Brown from the Titans to go along with 2021 first round pick receiver DeVonta Smith.

So far this season, Hurts is completing 68% of his passes and has thrown 14 touchdowns to just 3 interceptions. Let’s not forget that the defense has forced 20 turnovers on the year with 13 coming from interceptions.

Depending on how the Eagles bounce back from their first loss of the season will tell us a lot about how far this team can really go.

1. Kansas City Chiefs 7-2

Again, at the top of the NFL standings are the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s hard to not see how good this team is even in a loss. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has the offense rolling and the team overall composed. Andy Reid has himself another team that can make a run at the Super Bowl.

For a very long time, the New England Patriots ruled the NFL, and that is what I see from the Chiefs. The play on the field reminds me of what great confident teams look like when they know the real season doesn’t begin until the regular season ends.

It might come as a surprise for some but the Chiefs are ranked 2nd in the league in total offense while the defense is 16th. Once again, Mahomes is approaching the 3,000 yard passing mark for the 5th time in his career. He’s also been as consistent this year as he was in the previous years.

Looking at what is left for the schedule, The Chiefs could very well win out and have the number 1 seed when it is all said and done. Like the Patriots did for years, having the first round bye limits the chance of taking a loss and your players are able to rest up.

If you had to switch a team out, who would it be?

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