Rose Bowl deal opens door for CFB 12-team playoff

CFB 12 Team Playoff

The argument for an extended CFB 12-team playoff in major college football has been ongoing for a few years now. The common issue with the 4-team playoff model was the common occurrence of seeing the same teams play in the final 4.

The Rose Bowl was the last obstacle preventing the changes to the expanded playoff. Although the playoff committee agreed to extend the playoff starting 2026, this adjustment can now allow the expansion to begin in 2024-2025.

Essentially, the Rose Bowl was given the option of keeping their current contract or risk losing out on the next television deal.

Well, if the season were to end today, this is what the 12-team playoff would look like.

(Playoff Bracket Credit: CFB Playoff Edit/ Twitter)

Unfortunately, this new playoff system could not start today. I believe this will save the college football bowl season.

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