2023 NFL Draft Player Profile: Will Levis

Will Levis

Will Levis NFL Draft breakdown

Position: Quarterback

School: Kentucky

Year: Senior

Measurables: 6’3 232 pounds

NFL System: Pro-Style

NFL Comparison: Mitchell Trubisky

Player Overview:

Will Levis is what most would call the prototypical quarterback. Levis is blessed with great size at the position with a strong arm that can flick the ball like a projectile. Levis produced 2,406 yards through the air and 21 total touchdowns to just 10 interceptions in 2022. 2 of the 21 touchdowns were on the ground

Levis began his career at Penn State before transferring to Kentucky. In 2021, Levis threw for 2,826 yards, 33 total touchdowns and just 13 interceptions. 9 of the 33 touchdowns came on the ground. However, in 2022 the defenses keyed in on Levis running ability and kept him in the pocket. Ultimately, Levis was sacked 37 times in 2022 compared to 22 times in 2021.

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As mentioned before, Levis has a strong arm that can zip the ball into tight spaces. The term ” putting a ball on a rope” was meant for Will Levis. Most of Levis’s best throws are quick slants that are difficult for defenses to stop. Levis played in a Pro-style system that should help him adjust to the NFL fairly quickly. Not to mention, Levis is a straight-line mobile quarterback that can get tough yards on his own. The redzone is where this ability shines or in short yardage third down scrambles. Furthermore, Levis keeps a tight quarterback stance when he’s in the pocket which helps protect the football from backside strips. This stance is also important when keeping a clean throwing motion.


There are some improvements that can be made by Levis. As great of an arm he has for throwing fast balls, those passes can become interceptions very quickly. Because his best throws are quick slants, you have wonder if he’s a 1st read throw the ball guy. NFL defenses will do a great job of disguising what they’re doing and pick on his love of the quick slant. Rolling into my next point, because the ball is on a rope, many of Levis’s deep balls were acrobatic catches made by his receivers. Levis will have to develop a touch on the ball in the NFL.

Additionally, Levis can sometimes lose his mechanics when forced to escape or even move up into the pocket. Instead of standing tall and making the throw, Levis will put his head down and run. In 2022, Levis was sacked 37 times and loss 107 yards because of it. Honestly, he will need to focus on going through his progressions better. He will need to sit behind a great quarterback for a year or get a great offensive coordinator.

Best Fit: Green Bay

Draft Projection: Mid-to-late 1st Round.

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