Kyrie Irving reportedly in talks w/ SIA Collective for new sneaker deal

Kyrie Irving

After Kyrie Irving and Nike separated, it has been reported that Kyrie’s agent has reached out to the black owned shoe company SIA Collective to discuss a potential partnership.

In early December, Nike decided to cut ties with NBA super star Kyrie Irving over antisemitism controversy. This story all began because of a documentary Kyrie shared over social media. The titled movie is called “Hebrews to Negrows: Wake Up Black America.”

Although, references made in the documentary can be considered antisemitic, Kyrie repeatedly stated that he was not antisemitic. Sadly, the noise from the public accusing him of something he said he wasn’t was too loud for Nike.

Fortunately, the severed ties with Nike have opened the door for a black owned and designed shoe company to benefit. CEO and designer Devlin Carter has one of the few black owned shoe companies in America. In his interview with The Breakfast Club, the 11-year military vet mentioned he has been a shoe designer since 2016.

Based in Oakland, SIA Collective has over 400k followers on social media and a very unique design and style. If this deal can be made, it would be the first of its kind. Neither Kyrie or Devlin has confirmed the reports, but the report was reposted on SIA Collective instagram.

Nonetheless, SIA Collective have yet to miss on their designs. We can only imagine what they’ll release for Kyrie.

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