The Jaguars pull off a 27-point comeback!

Jaguars pull of the comeback

What was expected to be a close game quickly turned into a blow out after the Jaguars Trevor Lawrence threw 4 interceptions in the first half of the game.

Second year corner out of Florida State, Asante Samuel Jr., picked Trevor off 3 times in the first half of the game. While the Jaguars were complaining about interceptions, Samuel was making a name for himself.

Not to mention, the Chargers offense capitalizing on the additional possessions. The Chargers went up 24-0 by the time the 4th interception was thrown. Justin Herbert first half numbers were 15/24 139 yards passing and 1 touchdown. Trevor Lawrence on the other hand was 10/24 for 77 yards passing, 1 touchdown and 4 interception.

The second half is where Lawrence would come alive DOWN 27-0!

Trevor would lead a comeback like no other. Going for 288 yards for the game on a 28/47 night with 4 touchdowns. The receivers that were none existent in the first half, were catching everything in the second.

Tight-end Everett Ingram caught 7 passes for 93 yards and 1 touchdown, receivers Christian Kirk had 8 catches for 78 yards and 1 touchdown, and Zay Jones caught 8 passes for 74 yards and 1 touchdown as well. Marvin Jones would catch another.

Let’s not forget, the Jaguars defense took their game to the next level. In the first half they allowed 27 points, but in the second half they allowed only 3 points. The bend but don’t break defense did it again.

Once again, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson proves to the world why he is one of the best coaches in the NFL.

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