Will the Miami Dolphins move on from Tua?

Tua Tagovailoa

As much as we love what Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa did this year, his career is in jeopardy. The multiple concussions he has had in a very short time period is very concerning.

Which leads me to believe that the Miami Dolphins will look to draft or sign a new quarterback this offseason. The Dolphins have a very dynamic offense when everyone is healthy, but it can never reach its potential without a healthy quarterback.

Tua played well leading up to his concussions. So much so, the Tua was leading the MVP conversation. After the way the Dolphins offseason went in 2022, as expected the Dolphins reiterated their support for Tua.

Unfortunately, that can’t be the case going into the 2023 offseason. There are a few options at quarterback the Dolphins will need to consider.

Lamar Jackson

At the top of the list is Lamar Jackson. As nice as Tua has been this year, Lamar Jackson has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL since entering the league. His accolades include winning the NFL MVP award without significant weapons to throw to in Baltimore.

Sadly, the Ravens haven’t expanded on their offensive play calling. However, the Dolphins under Mike McDaniel have been one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. Adding Jackson, the Dolphins would have a dual threat under center that’s more dangerous on the ground than Tua.

However, the Lamar Jackson is prone to injury as well. Jackson’s injuries are related to the pounding he takes while having to make plays with his legs. Tua’s injuries have been in multiple areas, with concussions being the most significant.

As of January 30th, Tua is still in concussion protocol long. Remember, Tua was injured before the NFL playoffs even began.

Derek Carr

The next option to look at is Derek Carr. After a lack luster end in Oakland, the Dolphins could look to add the veteran as a backup option or the starter. The only question is whether or not the issues in Oakland was because of Carr.

In his career, Carr has thrown for over 35,000 yards, 217 touchdowns, and 99 interceptions. He’s just as accurate as Tua over his career and has had little playoff experience. The knock-on Carr will be his age.

The Dolphins will have to treat Carr like the Rams have treated Matthew Stafford. An older quarterback with limited time left in his career. Essentially, the Dolphins would be in win now mode with Carr under center.

Also, the Dolphins have to quickly decide whether or not the Raiders issues were Carr related before signing him. The worst thing you want to bring to your organization is a guy who doesn’t have a winners mentality.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Out of all the free agent options for the Dolphins, Jimmy Garoppolo is my favorite. The reason for my push for Jimmy is that he is a winner and a winner in the playoffs.

The Dolphins have more weapons than the 49ers have ever had with Jimmy G. However, Jimmy G was able to get the 49ers to the Super Bowl and NFC Championship game multiple times. Jimmy G would be a solid choice to compete in the crazy AFC.

Nonetheless, Jimmy G has been injury prone but when healthy he can lead this offense. With Brock Purdy seemingly the guy for the 49ers moving forward, Jimmy G would be on the market. Granted, the Dolphins could draft a quarterback, however, the best options will be gone early.

Jimmy G will be the best available option outside of Lamar Jackson.

Draft a QB

The most favorable option for the Dolphins would be to draft a quarterback. Although the notable prospects will be off the board, the Dolphins could still get a QB of the future.

Remember, the 49ers quarterback for the playoffs was Brock Purdy! The last player taken in the 2022 NFL Draft; Mr. Irrelevant. Purdy lead the 49ers to NFC Championship game. Much further than the Dolphins have been in well over 20 years.

At this point, reliability can be out ability for the Dolphins. While Tua is talented, he has not been healthy since his freshman year at Alabama.

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