Brands that won the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Ads and brands that won the day.

Every year the Super Bowl becomes the epicenter of the sports world. Even more so, it’s a big media spotlight for brands to start the year off right. Hence the reason why the price for a NFL 30-second advertisement is $7 million.

Here are the brands that did the best.


The tech giant created one of the best Super Bowl ads showing off their new Google Pixel 7 phone. The 30-sec spot showed off the erase feature on the phone by using multiple photos of unwanted guest in otherwise great photos.

It was eye popping and solved a huge problem the public has when taking photos. Great ads either highlight an added service or solve a public problem.


Jeep surprised a lot of fans with the use of the classic song “Electric Boogie” by Marcia Griffiths. Bringing an essence of nostalgia and engagement. Furthermore, the use of animals dancing in through out the 30-sec ad was perfect.

The overall action of the animals and the song almost made you forget what that it was a Jeep in the commercial. Jeep did a great job of bringing it all together with the electric charging station in the middle the safari. Ultimately, highlighting Jeeps new electric models of classics like the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.


Apple won by owning the halftime show and being known as the brand that ignited Rihanna’s resurgence.

Rihanna hasn’t performed live in 6-years and her fans have been itching for her return. The suspended stage was an element we could not have expected. Rihanna reminded the public why she is one of the biggest stars in the world.

Rihanna did not miss on any song she chose to perform. It was a 10/10 performance and arguably top-5 all-time Super Bowl shows. Not to mention, Rihanna revealed that she was pregnant! So, Apple definitely stole the show.


The entertainment king of the world continues to show why they are who they are. Disney gave us a commercial that reminded us all of our childhood. The commercial was a compilation of Disney movies that span across generations of kids young and old.

Disney is celebrating 100-years of being in business and 100-years of being transformative in the entertainment space.


Jalen Hurts with Oakley's
Jalen Hurts (Photo Credit: Bleacher Reports)

A very subtle spotlight goes to Oakley. The eyewear company was shown everywhere on the field without paying for ad space. Most of the players on the field wore Oakley visors. The quiet placement of the Oakley logo made them automatic winners.

The best advertisement for any brand is customers wearing or using your product. I call it “active advertisement.”

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