National Basketball League (NBL) break’s attendance record

NBL breaks attendance record in Championship Series

The Australian National Basketball League better known as NBL has made history.

In this year’s championship series, the league saw 67,811 fans show up to watch Sydney Kings vs New Zealand Breakers.

The previous record was just over 21,000. As the third highest attended basketball league in the world, this is a huge milestone.

Since 2000, the NBL has had issue with keeping teams afloat and keeping some of its best talent.

With the news of growth and sustainability, the changes the NBL made over the last 10-years looks like it is paying off.

Not to mention, the league has become well noted as being a solid developmental league for future NBA talent. A notable alum of the league is Lemelo Ball for the Charlotte Hornets.

Ball spent half a season in the NBL which aided in his development before leaving for the NBA draft. With that knowledge, and the fact that the NBL season ends before the NBA playoffs begins, we’ve begun to see NBL players being added late in the NBA season.

Recently, Xavier Cooks made his NBA debut just days after leading the Sydney Kings to the NBL Championship. Cooks gained minuted with the Washington Wizards; a team on the bubble for a playoff spot.

Furthermore, the New Zealand Breakers 18-year old guard/forward Rayan Rupert is expected to be the 1st-pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.

As the NBL continues to develop young talent and former NBA players working to get back into the NBA, the league will take full advantage of the growing audience itching to see great basketball at a high level.

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