Will the XFL have a long future?

XFL Seattle Sea Dragons fans might be the best in the XFL

We know this is the third attempt by someone to make the XFL a sustainable professional football league.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks like he has found the right formula. Financially, the XFL had decent interest but nothing compared to the NFL or major College Football.

However, there’s a space open for the XFL to tap into. In the third attempt at creating this spring league a reality, the XFL has broken a new attendance record in ST. Louis.

The former home of the now LA Rams, saw 38,000+ show up to watch the St. Louis BattleHawks play. While some teams are still developing a fan base, the XFL might actually have something.

Vegas Vipers averaging under 10,000 fans, but it should be noted that they’re in a city that has a lot of competing attractions.

The league has a different approach to football as we’ve come to know the sport. The kickoffs are a little weird and the double pass is also a head scratcher, but it offers something fans have been wanting for years; football in the spring.


Not to mention, the opportunity to see former high profile college players turned pro play again. Guys like quarterback AJ McCarron are getting a second chance at leading a team. McCarron was one of the winningest quarterbacks in Alabama football history.

His time in the NFL offered little opportunity to start, but in the XFL McCarron is looking like his former college self. Completing just under 66% of his passes.

Like the players, many of these coaches are getting the opportunity to lead a professional football team. The NFL has been well documented as a league that has made it difficult for minority coaches to become head coaches.

Some have come to understand that the NFL continues to move the goalpost for minority coaches. Half of the XFL head coaches are minority coaches.

Notable name is NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Hines Ward. Ward leads the San Antonio Brahmas.


The XFL’s future will also depend on its ability to send players to the NFL. Like the NBA G-League, the XFL will need to have guys make it to the NFL.

Again, the XFL at this point in time will not be able to pay players like the NFL, but it will give players a chance to be seen. The NFL is a league that will get players from anywhere as long as they can play.

Moreover, the XFL gives the fans and overall sport a chance to try new technology and rules. From the kickoff to the way plays are reviewed, fans get a chance to see it all.

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