What to expect from Florida State in 2023?

Florida State expectations in 2023

Last year, Florida State stunned the country with how well they improved year over year. However, Florida State will not be surprising anyone in 2023.

So, what can we expect from Florida State in 2023 now that people know they’re a true contender in the ACC?

Win The State

It goes without question that Florida State was on a different level than Miami and Florida. The Seminoles crushed Miami to the tune of 45-3 in Miami. It was won of the worst beatdowns in the series history.

Needless to say, Florida State put on another epic show against Florida. The game came down to the end, but it was clear that Florida State was elevating to another level.

Heading into 2023, Florida State should be able to dominate both rivals. Florida State returns star edge rusher Jared Verse on defense. If more so, star quarterback Jordan Travis returns as well.

Neither Miami nor Florida have enough gamechangers on either side of the ball to stop Florida State. Florida State has the second best roster in the ACC, only second to Clemson.

LSU & Clemson

The two biggest games on Florida State’s schedule will be in the first 4 weeks of the season. LSU and Florida State had a great game last season in New Orleans.

Ultimately, Florida State won in the final minutes of the game. Although it was one game, the victory propelled Florida State to having a great season.

Clemson on the other hand is the measuring stick for the ACC. In order to be officially back, Florida State will have to beat Clemson as well.

This year should be the year Florida State take the crown for the conference. Florida State has the better quarterback who has the complete trust of his team.

In order for Florida State to truly be back, the Seminoles will have to win both games.

Win 11 Games

As crazy as it sounds, but 11 wins should be the minimum expectation for Florida State. There’s not one team on Florida State schedule that they should lose to.

The Seminoles gained a lot of experience last season in meaningful games. Florida State will not have to play NC State this season either. The Wolfpack have won 4 of the last 5 matchups.

Baring any injury, Florida State are contenders for a playoff birth.

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