Tampa Bay Bucs NFL Draft Recap: Best Picks

Payne Durham, TE for Purdue and 5th round draft pick to the Buccaneers.

The NFL Draft is over and it’s finally a good time to review the Bucs draft choices. Did they win or lose the draft?

Calijah Kancey, DT

The post Tom Brady era has begun, and with the Bucs first pick going defense. Kancey is a stud on the D-Line to say the least. Kancey had 7.5 sacks last year on 14 starts. It’s clear to see that the Bucs are putting time into fixing the front 7.

Kancey isn’t the biggest interior linemen, but Warren Sapp and Aaron Donald weren’t either. However, Sapp is in the hall of fame and Donald will be too. Granted, it is too early to say Kancey will be on that same level, but it gives hope to his career.

Last season, the Bucs took another interior lineman in the second round. Logan Hall managed to only give 7 solo takes and 2.5 sacks as a rookie. Kancey is expected to give a better performance.

Cody Mauch, OT/OG

Mauch maybe from the FCS level, but he is every bit of the football player you want. He has good feet and good movement off the line. Coming out of high school, Mauch was a tight end, however, 40 pounds later and here we are.

Mauch has the talent to start day 1. Fortunately, Mauch won’t have to block for a 7-time Super Bowl champion quarterback. Mauch may experience growing pains, but with his talent, he should be a staple for the Bucs offensive line for years to come.

Payne Durham, TE

The 6’6 253 pound TE out of Purdue was a great late draft pick up. Durham has shown solid ability as a blocker and also as a pass catcher. At Purdue, Durham caught 56 passes for 580 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Durham has room to improve, but the upside to his talent is what the Bucs are hoping to see. As a 5th round pick, Durham will have to make a name for himself as a solid blocker and maybe special teams early on.

Even so, the Bucs don’t have a tight end that strikes fear into a defense. As the team transitions from Tom Brady at quarterback, the next QB will need a solid check down tight end to throw to.

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