Questionable Decision Gives Haney The Win Over Loma

Devin Haney ve Lomachenko

In a very anticipated fight, Devin Haney put all his belts on the line vs Lomachenko. Handy said he’s been chasing this fight for almost four years.

However, at the time Loma had majority of the belts. Since 2020, Loma suffered 2 losses and stepped away from the sport to serve in the Ukrainian army. Russia had invaded Ukraine. The unfortunate events forced Haney to fight another fighter.

Regardless, on May 20th we got the chance to see two of the best fighters in the world put in a show.

Devin Haney (29-0) vs Lomachenko (17-2)

Coming into this fight, Haney had proven to be a skilled fighter that can manage to dominate most skilled fighters in his division. However, it has yet to be seen if he can do the same against a true skill veteran of the game like Loma.

Haney holds all the belts for the 135 division. After dominating George Kambosos twice in Australia, Haney considered himself to be the best overall. Haney continues to demand the best fights against the best fighters in the world.

However, when you make those decrees to want the fights against guys like Lomachenko, Gervante Davis, or Shakur Stevenson, your skill level must be unstoppable.

And Lomachenko is the start of a career defining string of fights for Haney.

Round 1 – Round 6

The first six rounds were some of the best boxing we have seen this year. If you have not watched a Loma fight before, Loma’s fight style is more like Manny Pacquiao. A small, but quick fighter that throws a lot of punches.

Loma put together a string of combos that caught Haney by surprise. What kelp Haney in the fight early was his high boxing IQ. Haney wasn’t moving as quickly as he typically has been. A disciple Floyd Mayweather, Haney wins his fights like Mayweather did in the past. A defensive counter puncher with a decent power.

Haney went to the body early and often. It seemed to have some effect on Loma as the fight went on, but like a true veteran of the sport, Loma kept coming. Loma’s combinations were worked beautifully. It challenged Haney’s defensive ability in every way.

The first 6 Rounds could have been swayed either way. Loma’s volume punching was connecting on Haney as we went into the 6th round.

Round 7 – Round 12

Many call the later rounds of a fight the championship rounds. In ever since of the word, Haney and Loma put on a show. Neither scored a knockdown in this fight, but it was pure boxing at its finest. Loma seemed to have picked up steam as his shots started to connect even more.

As Loma took shots at Haney’s head, Haney worked the body. At some moments, it looked as if Loma was beginning to slow up in the 8th round. However, rounds 10, 11, and 12 were his best if you watched the fight.

Haney looked as if he was weak in the legs as the shots began to take a tole on the young 24-year old fighter. When the last bell rung, it was a even consensus amongst fans that this was either a tie or a win for Lomachenko.

Shockingly, when the judges score card read as a unanimous decision in Haney’s favor, the world was stunned. Haney jumped for joy as if he was shocked as well.


Shakur Stevenson calls out Haney

Immediately after the fight had concluded, Shakur Stevenson jumped into the the ring to call out Haney again. Haney responded before leaving the ring “I’m number 1” and Stevenson responded “For Now.”

Although the Loma fight has just ended, a fight between Stevenson and Haney would be one of the biggest fights of the year. Some may ask to see Haney against Gervante Davis.

Stevenson, another pupil of Floyd Mayweather, has the same skill and speed as Haney, but he might be little faster in the ring. His defensive talent is what some would call special.

Terrance Crawford said “You already know. Ain’t nobody beating Shakur. Shakur beats everybody, it don’t matter who it is, Shakur’s beating them. Shakur over everybody. That boy’s special. Shakur’s one of a kind.”

Davis and Haney have been on a collision course for quite some time now. Davis, another pupil of Floyd Mayweather would be the most difficult fight for Haney. As we saw against Loma, Haney leaves himself open for big shots to the head. If Davis was the fighter in Saturday against Haney, he might have knocked out the champ.

Needless to say, the next few string of fights for the 135 division will be what the sport has wanted and needs.

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