What If Miami Went To The Big Ten

The Miami Hurricanes and the Big Ten could be a perfect match

Major college football conference realignment is on the horizon, and the Miami Hurricanes and the Big Ten looks like match.

Although Miami is not the dominating program it once was in the late 80’s to early 2000’s, the brand is still pretty strong. Miami has produced more so as a basketball school as of late.

Miami is one of seven programs in the ACC looking to leave the conference sooner than 2036. The ACC has a grants of rights deal in place to prevent teams in the ACC from leaving the conference. However, when this deal was made in 2016, the ACC’s contract was on par with the rest of the Power 5.

Needless to say, the landscape of college football has changed. The SEC and Big Ten have almost separated themselves financially from the rest. By the time the ACC’s grants of rights deal expires, the SEC and Big Ten teams would have made $30 million more a year compared the the ACC.

So, what would it look like for Miami if they were to leave for the Big Ten?

Big Ten = Bigger Games

Granted Miami has yet to win the ACC let alone dominate the competition, however, there might be a reason for that. Until December of 2021, the university had yet to commit real resources to rebuilding the Miami football program.

Under President Donna Shalala, the university focused all their resources on building a world known medical school. That goal has been accomplished. Now, the focus has turned back to the football program.

Again, Miami has yet to dominate the ACC, but this would change in the Big Ten. Miami has has recruited talent, but not the best talent. A reason for that is the lack of fans at the games.

Like any major sport, fans want to see big games against great talent. When Miami is set to play Florida State or even Florida, the stadium is sold out. That statement goes for Miami vs Ohio State.

The Miami fan base love the Hurricanes, but the opponents aren’t eye catching. With bigger name brand teams like Ohio State or even future Big Ten program USC, these games will draw a larger fan crowd.

Obviously, recruits will take note of seeing a full stadium against the best competition. Since Miami has been in the ACC, the games that have drawn a crowd have been games against their historical rivals.

Outside of that, the fans do not care to see Miami play Duke or Wake Forest in football.

Miami Hurricanes Rivals

Potential Big Ten Rivals

  • Penn State
  • Ohio State
  • Nebraska
  • Michigan

Shockingly, Miami has more historical games with three of the four teams listed for the Big Ten then they do with majority of the ACC.

Again, if you include USC and UCLA in the list of potential mega games at Hard Rock Stadium, the benefit far exceeds what the ACC has offered.

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