Conference Realignment: FSU Joins The SEC?

Florida State Joining the SEC

It’s never too early to think about Florida State joining the SEC in the near future. For a long time, Florida State has carried the ACC until Clemson’s recent run atop the ACC.

FSU has always seemed like a SEC program sitting in the ACC waiting for the opportunity. Until recently, being in a Power 5 conference was all you needed to be considered a quality program. However, that’s not the case anymore. Now more than ever, FSU is pushing for an opening to leave the ACC.

We created hypothetical SEC schedule for Florida State. We placed them in the East division with the likes of Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Missouri, and Kentucky. We added Clemson as well to the SEC to even out the division since Texas and Oklahoma are joining the West.

Week 1: Florida State at Miami

This game will be the first game of the season for Florida State, naturally. The Miami game is their annual rivalry game and would be one of the three non-conference games on the year.

This would be an exciting matchup to watch because both programs would be representing two new conferences. FSU on behave of the SEC and Miami hypothetically in the Big Ten.

Would this be a primetime game? Yes. I expect by the time these two programs enter their new conferences, they’ll be two top-10 programs again.

Week 2: Tennessee at Florida State

In week 2 the Tennessee Volunteers come to town. The Seminoles and Vols don’t have a long history, but an important moment in the schools history.

The Vols beat the Seminoles in the first ever BCS National Championship game in 1998. It was a game that saw T-Martin lead the Vols to their only National Championship in football.

Needless to say, both programs should be top-10 programs based on their current trajectory.

Week 3: Clemson at Florida State

The former ACC, now turned SEC, matchup will continue to be a heated rivalry. These two programs were carrying the ACC in football. Clemson and FSU generated the most revenue for the conference. Now, as members of the new SEC this will be another difficult game.

Florida State continue to lead the all-time record 20-15. In the SEC, almost every week is a tough week so a victory here becomes essential. In the ACC, there are games that are automatic wins that allows you to comeback from a loss. Teams almost forget how bad they were to start the year. But, in the SEC, a loss this week will force teams to adjust quickly because another tough program is on the schedule the following week.

Week 4: Florida State at Missouri

Florida State will see their next SEC foe in the Missouri Tigers. This game will end the September slate for FSU. Missouri brings a different level of difficult since it is in the mid-west. The Tigers have played well at home, and depending on the year, the Tigers could pose a difficult challenge for the new SEC member.

The atmosphere in Memorial Stadium is electric all the time. With a notable name like Florida State coming in, the stadium should be rocking.

Week 5: Bye

A week 5 bye seems fitting for the new SEC program.

Week 6: Florida State at Auburn

There’s no real break in the action for Florida State when they join the newly formed SEC super conference. A meeting in Auburn would remind fans of the 2013 National Championship game. Although Florida State won that game, it’ll be tough to pull out a win in War Eagle country.

Week 7: Florida State at Georgia

Arguably, this matchup against Georgia will be Florida State’s toughest game. By this time, Georgia will still be the powerhouse that it is today. A game in Athens will be primetime if Florida State is able to get through to week 7 still undefeated. However, Georgia would be heading into a much needed bye week after this game. Either way, this will be another difficult test for FSU.

Week 8: Kentucky at Florida State

maybe not as difficult as Georgia, but Kentucky will be a dog fight. Depending on if Coach Mark Stoops is still there will determine how tough this game will be. In the SEC, this home game will not have the crowd jumping, however by this time of year FSU will know who they are.

Ultimately, Kentucky will get a Florida State team that will have an identity and ready to get a win after three straight away games.

Week 9: Florida State at South Carolina

Florida State knows a little something about Beamer Ball, but at Virginia Tech. The son of Frank Beamer, Beamer Jr coaches with a passion. His Gamecocks present a late-mid season challenge. The Gamecocks play their best football at the end of the season. In Columbia, South Carolina, the stadium will be rocking.

South Carolina and Florida State have played in the past, but it was Florida State who walked away victorious 26-17 in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Week 10: Vanderbilt at Florida State

The SEC is tough but Vandy might be Florida State’s easiest in conference game. Vandy has had their moments of being a really good football team. However, Florida State will be looking to dominate in this game as their final few games will be daunting.

Week 11: Florida State at Texas

It would be a site to see Florida State traveling to Austin, Texas. The Longhorns, like Florida State, have a rich history in Football. However, the prestige at FSU is much greater with higher expectations. This matchup would put two of the newest members of the SEC against each other at a pivotal week in the season. It’s likely that both programs will be fighting for a place in the college football playoffs.

Needless to say, we can expect a sold out crowd for this game.

Week 12: North Alabama at Florida State

FSU will be looking forward to this game. North Alabama will be a game for some of the backups to get a chance to play. Expect to see a large margin of victory late in the regular season. This game won’t mean much as far as competition, but it will allow for some starters to rest fo the last week in the season.

Week 13: Florida at Florida State

Depending on how this game goes could determine who plays for the SEC Championship. Because Florida State played Miami in Miami, I had the Gators on the road to play FSU. This game will be as heated as it has ever been because for the first time these two are conference foes. Typically, when either of the big three Florida programs play, the flags go out the window and old school football proceeds. Expect a high energy game with a lot of trash talk.

It’s only fitting that the regular season ends with Florida State at home.

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