Conference Realignment: The SEC Is Just Different

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey

Yet again, the SEC conference realignment is at the forefront of showing their dominance. SEC commissioner, Greg Sankey, announced that the league will be doing away with divisions starting 2024.

Although the SEC isn’t the first conference to do this, it’s the matchups that will happen because of this move that makes us excited.

Imagine, Texas playing in the Swamp in any given season. Or let’s take the thought of Georgia playing LSU more times than not. Even more exciting is the idea of a potential rematch in the SEC championship game. A 1-loss SEC champion gets the into the College Football Playoffs, but two 1-loss SEC teams that are worthy of being top 3 in the playoffs opens up so many possibilities.

In any given year, we could see two SEC teams play each other 3 times. Once in the regular season, Once in the conference championship, and again in the College football playoffs if we’re ever so lucky.

That’s the type of gold we’ve been given with this move by the SEC.

Conference Realignment: SEC Expansion

The doors have been blown wide open for the SEC to bring in Florida State and possibly Clemson. To many, FSU and Clemson are the last two major programs left that the SEC needs to complete its conference. Miami, North Carolina, or Virginia Tech could also be in consideration too.

With the move to take away divisions, the SEC has the opportunity to extend its footprint. The biggest names in the south all under one umbrella is impressive. Ultimately, the SEC continue to keep its options open.

Needless to say, Greg Sankey and the rest of the SEC leaders are building a future where their conference will thrive.

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