EA Sports NCAA 2024 Hit A Road Block

EA Sports return of College Football game series

NCAA 2024 is the most anticipated video game in the country. However, EA Sports has hit another snag that could halt the game’s release completely.

The College Football Players Association are preparing to boycott the game. EA Sports have setup a NIL deal that would give every player on the game $500. This is where the problem is centered around.

EA Sports college football game series was put on the shelf after the game released in 2013. The issue over athletes Name, Image, and Likeness came to the forefront. For 10 years, fans of the game have been itching to see its return.

Additionally, the players who are playing college football also wanted to see the game return. What draws so many to the game is the overall game play and the 133 football programs available to be built into a powerhouse.

For many, the dream of playing as yourself in a video game is all they need to sign over their rights to EA. However, the hype around the return of this game can lead to only high expectations for the revenue and profit generated.

EA Sports Madden Payments

Mind you, Jefferies analyst Alex Giaimo of Forbes reported that EA Sports Madden NFL Football Game generates an annual revenue of $600 million.

NFL players in 2017 and 2018 were paid out about $17,000 each. While individual players aren’t paid directly, the NFL Players Association have an agreement with EA that allows the company to use the players Name and Likeness. The NFLPA gets a licensing fee, and that fee pays the players. However, EA Sports only pays out money to 1,696 players.

That’s a huge difference compared to the 10,000 division 1 college football players.

Is $500 Enough?

EA Sports would be paying $5 million for the players rights if the deal is made. We can all agree that $500 is not enough for the players.

There’s rumors around college football that players are looking to hold out if the payment amount isn’t increased.

Needless to say, the players will have to decide whether being on the game is more important than getting more than $500 if an agreement can’t be made.

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