Who Is The Best Safety In College Football?

Miami Hurricanes Kam Kinchens

It might seem bold to say that the Miami Hurricanes Kam Kinchens is best safety in college football. However, bold but with facts to back this statement is different.

Kamren Kitchens is the definition of a rangy safety. A player who can play from sideline to sideline and cover the deepest parts off the field and play close to the line when asked. Kitchens plays fast with incredible instincts.

Needless to say, for a guy that was rated as a low 4-star prospect out of Miami Northwestern, Kitchens has exceeded all expectations.

Ball Hawk & Tackler

In 2022, Kinchens made his name known when he secured 3 interceptions in one game and took one back for a touchdown. Kam Kinchens reminds us all of the former Miami Hurricane safeties like Ed Reed and Sean Taylor.

Both of the legendary safeties were great playmakers when the ball was in the air. Kinchens finished the season with 6 interceptions total. Quarterbacks began to throwing away from his side of the field.

At 5’11 202, Kinchens is not the biggest safety in the world but he is a sure tackler. In 2022, Kinchens combined for 59 tackles. 35 of the tackles were solo. Due to his excellent play on the field, Kinchens received many pre-season All-American honors.

Pre-Season Draft Projection

Although it is early, Kam Kinchens has a draft grade of a late 1st round to early second round pick. Kinchens has to show the scouts that last season wasn’t a “Fluke.” I expect Kinchens to enter the 2024 NFL Draft.

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