Miami Hurricanes Recruiting: Win and We’re Canes

At some point the Miami Hurricanes have to show recruits they can win. Over the last few recruiting cycles, the message from top hometown recruits have been win and we’re in. Miami has to prove themselves.

Remember, Miami finished 5-7 in 2022.

History is repeating itself for Miami

When Howard Schnellenberger took over Miami in 1979, Miami had to prove themselves. The top recruits in Florida turned their nose up to them because they were terrible. The Canes of that era had a chip on their shoulders to develop and win against the best. What Alabama has been under Nick Saban, the Canes of the 80s ran the country.

Fast forward to 2023, recruits are tired of hearing the Canes are coming back. In the last few weeks, Miami has seen some of their top targets commit to other programs. Miami High School standout wide receiver Jacory Barney picked Nebraska and cornerback Ricky Knight pick FSU.

Does this mean their recruitment is over, no! However, it does mean that Miami has to win during the season to win these recruits over.

Miami Commitments

Currently, Miami has a total of 15 committed prospects.

Rating (Stars)NamePosition
****Marquise LightfootEDGE
****Kevin RileyRB
****Chance RobinsonWR
****Elija LoftonTE
***Cameron PruittSAFTEY
***Ryan MackSAFETY
***Isaiah ThomasSAFETY
***Dylan DaySAFETY
***Chris Wheatley-HumphreyRB
***Vincent ShaversLB
***Romanas Frederique Jr.CB
***Judd AndersonQB
***Juan MinayaOT
***Daylen RussellDL
***Abram MurrayK

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