FSU Football: 5-Star Recruit Has Florida State In His Final 5

5-Star Receiver Jaime Ffrench sets July 22nd as a commitment date

For years, Florida State has been known to take great talent out of Jacksonville, Florida. It looks like Florida State is in a prime position to do it again.

2025 5-Star receiver Jaime Ffrench has released his final five schools he will be considering moving forward. Penn State, Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Florida State made the list.

There’s no surprise that a top rated receiver recruit would consider Alabama, Penn State, and Ohio State. These three programs have produced some of the best NFL receiving talent over the last 5 years. Currently, Ohio State has two receivers considered the best in the country.

As for Notre Dame and FSU, FSU is moving in an upward trajectory in terms of performance on the field and overall development.

In the time Ffench would be at FSU, he could see Florida State compete for multiple national championships.

At 6’2 180lbs, French is coming into his junior year of high school. His body has yet to fill out completely, so by the time of his commitment, he will be ready to start day 1.

As a sophomore, Ffrench recorded 44 catches for 671 yards and 5 touchdowns. His greatest attribute is his hand-eye coordination. It allows for him to make tough catches in tight spots. Equally eye catching is his route running ability.

Ffrench runs with conviction and does not tip off his routes. Once the ball is in his hands, the speed for a guy his size shows. Not to mention the strength that it takes to break through weak arm tackles.

Ultimately, Ffrench has announced he will make a commitment on July 22nd. Needless to say, FSU is in a prime position.

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